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9 End of Tenancy Cleaning tips to get your secured deposit 100% back

With the current real estate market, many of us doing to living in rental properties. According to reals estate board.

As renters, many of us have experience the stress of moving, very often become overwhelmed by the experience and very often get frustrating by the many things to do towards during and after End of the lease agreement. Before you move out your required to give back the rented property in largely good shape as it was first giving to you ( obviously minus the wear and tear ). If Your landlord of estate agent believe the condition is not satisfactory? Then you will be in breach of the lease agreement and you are running a risk of losing your deposit, or until they are satisfied. 1-It’s always and best recommend to record and make sure to inspect the inventory check-in report( even to the tiny details). 2- During your stay, make sure to do the housekeeping/housework on regular basis, take care of the spills, the older these spills gets, the harder will be to clean ( which could not me cleaned ), clean and tackle mold, the sooner you clean in the less you will get. 3- Take extra steps to be super cautious, don’t abuse the oven, some light regular oven cleaning might save you big cost deep oven cleaning and the end of your Tenancy. 4- As much as we love pets, pets naturally careless :), the chances of pets ruining your furniture and carpet are pretty high, so make sure to bear this in mind. 5- Inform your landlord/agent if anything needs fixing, don’t leave it till it gets worse, you might be on the hook up for larger repair due to careless attitude. 6- Seeking permission is always good idea, If you don't like the room color and you want to re-paint at your own cost? You might think it’s fine, as your are not costing your landlord a penny! Think again. Not every landlord likes your color scheme and certainly they don't like the way your color. 7- Make sure to read and understand your lease agreement, don’t overlook your agreement, make sure it’s permitted to bring pets to live with you, or bring a partner to live with you, or have few guest over the weekend. 8- Hire a professional End of Tenancy cleaners, No matter how good your are cleaning, hiring a professional cleaners is a small investment towards a bigger return ( your deposit). end of tenancy cleaners have the right tools, products and methods to tackle any cleaning issue, and certainly they know what is your landlord or agent expected from you when you return the property to them. 9- Make sure to be at home on the final inspection day, record everything, walk through with the inspector.


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