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All End of Tenancy Cleaning prices are all in (includes Cleaning Supplies & Materials, and any other items selected in your request form)

-Congestion Charges & Parking are extras. (if any).

-NO extra charges on weekends or bank holidays.

-NO VAT added at the end. Highly experienced and Trained Cleaning Teams. Our Cleaning is not limited in time. Pleasesee below our End of Tenancy Cleaning Check List for full details: Plus, all your requested items you ticked on your quote

72-hour guarantee! comes with all End of tenancy cleaning

we will come back and re-clean any area in questions if your Landlord / Agent not happy.

lets start with the most important place! 

The Kitchen:

  *All  surfaces cleaned, Washed & Sanitized.

  * Remove lime scale and polish sink and taps.

  *Dishwasher sanitized & cleaned, including filters if reachable.

  *Clean  tiles. 

  *Clean inside and outside kitchen cupboards & drawers

 *Clean extractor fan. 

*Clean inside & outside Fridge & Freezer ( if defrosted by the customer 12-24hrs prior to cleaning day) -  Exterior of all other appliances including kettle, toaster to be cleaned

 *Bins cleaned internally and externally

 *Clean windows from the inside; wipe down window sills/ window ledges

 *Clean down all woodwork 

 *Clean plugs, light switches

  *Clean/wipe radiators if applicable and accessible

 *Clean washing machine inside and outside

 *Vacuum and mop hard floors.

*Professional oven clean  ( in & out ) ( if requested )


- Bath area cleaned fittings cleaned and basin cleaned polished and de-scaled

- Clean descale and disinfect toilet inside and out

- Bathroom door/ fittings washed down with germicidal solution.

- Bathroom woodwork washed down with germicidal solution- Tiled areas de-greased cleaned polished- Shower area cubicle fittings cleaned polished and de-scaled

- Bidet de-scaled cleaned and polished if applicable

- Floor vacuumed & Mop.- Clean mirrors leaving no smears

- Pipe work/radiator washed with germicidal solution

- Clean windows from inside, wipe down window sills/ window ledges

- Clean ventilation/ extractor unit covers where applicable


 - All carpeted areas vacuumed

- All doors, jambs, fittings, hinges dusted & damp wiped

- All hard floors scrubbed / mopped

 - Wash windows internally, window sills, window ledges

- All skirting / radiators dusted & damp wiped- All cobwebs removed from ceilings / walls

- Clean and polish mirrors.

- Clean plugs, sockets, light switches, lamp shades, and light fittings- Clean inside, outside and on top of cupboards and wardrobes

- Clean behind and under furniture (if furnished accommodation-extra charge upon cleaners inspection)

 Windows. All inside windows.

Wall Spots. Spots Removed from wall upon request (£20 room)


  • Clear out and dust through drawers. 

  •  Remove fingerprints and marks around handles.

  • Hoover sofa & cushions.

  • Move beds and drawers and clean underneath.

 Stair/ Hall Areas:

- All carpeted areas vacuumed

- All hard floors scrubbed / mopped

- All skirting / radiators dusted & damp wiped

- All window ledges dusted and damp wiped

- All doors, fittings, hinges dusted & damp wiped

- All light and socket fittings wiped clean

- Staircase treads, balustrades, handrails cleaned

- All cobwebs removed from ceilings / walls


Lounge/Living Area:

 - All carpeted areas vacuumed

- Upholstery vacuumed, cushions moved and cleaned underneath(extra charge upon cleaners inspection)

- All hard floors scrubbed / mopped

- All skirting / radiators dusted & damp wiped - Clean and polish mirrors, pictures

- Clean windows inside, window ledges

 - Doors fittings, hinges dusted & damp wiped

- All light and socket fittings wiped clean

- All cobwebs removed from ceilings / walls.

  • 72-hour guarantee, with a free re-clean

  • We work until everything is completed

  • We Provide all detergents and equipment for the service

  • Flexible appointment options, including weekends and bank holidays

  • We do Care,  we have a Customer care available 24/7 for assistance and bookings.

The following items are extra charges upon request when making the booking & will be includes in your quote:

Please make sure to tick as many services as you like (Wall Washing, External Window cleaning, Carpet Steam Clean, Sofa Steam Clean, Mattress Steam Clean. Mould Cleaning. )

Please note: We clean anything is clean-able, that's mean our team will make every effort to clean whatever you asked us to clean, however, if the item is damaged due to use throughout time. 

-This applies to a burned out oven, this cant be cleaned and restored to original shine!

-Damaged blinds, blinds can be cleaned, but if there are damaged due to use and abuse, this can NOT be cleaned.

-Damaged walls, although we will spot clean wall( extra charge), but we can NOT clean a damaged wall.

-Damaged toilet seat, although we will clean it, but if its damaged due to use and abuse throughout time, it cant be restored to original condition.

Please note we DO NOT clean or use the following:

-Pressure washing.

-Asbestos Cleaning.

-Stage 3 Mould.

-Burned out items.

We are cleaners, our teams bring a ladder, a mop, vacuum, cloths and detergents only.

if you need something outside of the above or you believe you want something else? please ask before booking/

Please do NOT assume :)

some customers asks us to pest control :)

some ask us to clean a burned out wall :)

some ask us to wash roof :)

some ask us to pressure wash floors, walls,etc.. :)

we DO not do any of the above.

Somebody still  unhappy? We’ve got a 72-hour guarantee!

If you notice that some area wasn’t cleaned properly, then please contact us as soon as possible. We will send the team back for a free re-clean. This way we ensure that tenants will get their security deposits back and landlords will be content with the state of their property.

Please visit our T&C for full details

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