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End of Tenancy Cleaning London Prices

Studio flat from £85.00 1 bed / 1 bath flat from £115.00 2 bed / 1 bath home from £125.00

2 bed/ 2 bath home from £135.00 3 bed / 1 bath home from £145.00 3 bed / 2 bath house from £165.00 4 bed / 2 bath house from £195.00

4 bed / 3 bath house £275.00

We often get these questions from Customers looking for end of Tenancy Cleaning in London.

Q- Is your price negotiable?

- My home is pretty Small, Can you re-think the price?

- My flat is really tidy and looked after, can you charge me less?

-Oh, i have a budget, can you work with it?

-But the other cleaning company quoted me less, can you price match?


our prices are set to reflect the quality of service we provide, the detailed clean up we do, this take time, effort and training.

Ray ( the founder )Believes in equal pay, Doest matter if you are a cleaner or a doctor, everyone in this life does what it needed to be done to make a living.

DO we ever go to TESCO and haggle price with them?

we have invested heavily in our Cleaners, Products, Process,

as a legit business we do not cut short on cleaning methods, nor we under pay our cleaners.

as a company we have to pay Insurance, other Ad-hoc expenses,etc..

so, there are 100's of other companies out that charge less, but not everyone provide the same quality as Target Cleaning provides.

lets say for example-

you have a low budget, and a cleaning provider agreed to this low budget, what would happen when a cleaners show up on the cleaning day to realize the money is not worth the job?

-an honest provider, will advice the customer and more likely customer will say NO, we have agreed on a fix price and i need the job to be done, then the cleaner will have to cut short to make the cleaning done and make the money worth worked for,

the end result will not be liked by the customers and will result in a dispute and a much headache.

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