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Reliable Carpet Cleaning Service in All of London at Affordable Price!





At Target Carpet Cleaning  London we have the best  expert cleaners that provide high quality Steam Carpet Cleaning in London, unmatched by our London competitors.

We provide Carpet Cleaning for your home or office with outstanding results and good prices.

No job is too small and no task is too high for our cleaning crews.

We know how important the place you live in or work.. This is why we only employ staff fully trained to industry standards. That’s how our teams provide the best domestic carpet cleaning services available in London. And we only use environmentally-safe solutions, for a toxic free home environment.

All of our cleaners provide expert services you won’t find anywhere else.​​

Our Carpet Cleaning Approach and Methods

  • Hot water extraction: Hot water extraction is the most effective

  • We use most up to date method of cleaning.

  • Dry carpet treatment: The dry compound treatment is an alternative of the hot water extraction method.​

The hot water extraction carpet cleaning method

One of the most common methods we use is hot water extraction, also known as steam carpet cleaning.

Our hot water extraction carpet cleaning approach requires some pre-steps and it returns outstanding results to our London carpet cleaners, every time. Here are the pre-steps:

  • We will start off by thoroughly vacuuming your carpet. It is very important to clean away any loose soil or dust hence preventing it to rub on your carpet before steam cleaning.

  • The carpet is then sprayed with a specific solution for your carpets needs. This will dissolve stains and loosen grit and dirt in and on your carpet.

  • Then we deep steam clean your carpets until the water comes back clean.

By cleaning your carpets at regular times with this method, we double the life of your carpet. This has been proven because the grit from the base of the pile which causes carpets to wear out is extracted. Hot water extraction methods success in the last few years is due to the machines used. They are now much more powerful than previous methods. As a result, not only your carpets are cleaner but also the drying time is much faster.

When the wand (the tool used to inject water at high pressure and extracts 88% of the water back) it gives the appearance of steam, this is where the term steam carpet cleaning comes from. Our technicians have the combination of industry-leading cleaning technology and the knowledge as well as the expertise with the correct our industry standard training. The carpets at your property will be left looking brand new after the steam cleaning service.

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Why Book a Service With Us?

Our carpet cleaning methods are the latest in the industry and they always return outstanding results. We have carpet cleaners in London with well over seven years of experience, fully insured and fully trained to our industry’s standards. Together, we can provide a series of PREMIUM Carpet Cleaning services London you won’t find anywhere else:

  • carpet cleaning methods which are safe for children and pets

  • The compounds we use are Green-seal and Wool-safe Approved

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (no question asked)!

  • Fully trained and uniformed operators

  • Free, no obligation quote.


We would love to be fully insured & a member of THENCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association).

The National Carpet Cleaners Association is the only nationally recognized trade association dedicated to the cleaning of carpets, hard flooring and soft furnishings.

NCCA members are trained professionals and can undertake work in many industry related areas. Members services include:

  • Cleaning of all types of Flooring and Soft Furnishings

  • Hard Floor Restoration

  • Rug Cleaning and Repair

  • Leather Furniture Cleaning and Restoration

  • Carpet and Fabric Repair

  • Fabric and Fibre Protection

  • Curtain Cleaning

  • Carpet Fitting

  • Fire and Flood Restoration

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Allergies and Dust Mites

In the UK, one in five people have an allergy. We have carpet cleaning equipment and materials available to us that will remove dust mites from your carpets. Our methods have been proven to reduce allergens by the following amounts:

  • Dust mites by 77.5%

  • Dust mite allergen by 74.3%

  • Pet allergens by 84.95%

  • Mould spores by 86%

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