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Can your Landlord force you to pay for End of tenancy clean up ?

So your time is almost up at your current place, and you start wondering what is i need to do to get my month(s) worth of deposit and what is the process etc... ?

To make thing easier and simple, you will need to give the property back the way you got it initially from the landlord.

nothing dirty, broken or missing, your bills are up to date.

According to the TheTenanctVoice community, you are obliged to follow a certain steps to make sure you leave the property the way your landlord gave it to you, this includes the pro

End of tenancy cleaner

perty must be clean and nice.

Some might argue the best way is to hire a professional End of tenancy cleaner,

but in matter of fact, it does not have to be, if you as tenant met your obligation during the tenancy period and you kept the property clean & tide? it might not need a to hire end of tenancy cleaning company.

however, if you in doubt ? there is no harm to call your landlord and get a walk through the property few days/weeks in advance and get their opinion if you need to get the place professionally cleaned


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