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Hiring Professional trade person tips: 101

Its time for you to hire a professional cleaner, although it does sound easy task, but the fact is the opposite!

its probably the most challenging task since high school exams :).

you looking online and google cleaners, and 100's of cleaning companies came up!

you are in a dilemma, which one to chose?

many have good looking websites, some have very nice and shiny testimony on their website.

but the ultimate questions is: how truthful these testimonies?

the answer might sound simpler than you think,

google the company name, and then you will find out by your self, surprisingly, not many people do this!

here are the list of review platforms your should look at:

facebook review

A good trader or a professional would be asking all their customers to leave a feedback, because they have nothing t hide and they are very confident from the end result of the service.

unlike these websites who write reviews of imaginary customers on their website! how we even know if they are genuine customers? there is no way to check.

also, look at how old these reviews and how recent they are.

its always good to do your home work before you hire and thanks to google, they have given us the tools to do so.

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