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How much does it cost?
The cost of a clean is £12 per hour for weekly or fortnightly cleans and £20 per hour for one off cleans. You can ask your cleaner to bring cleaning supplies for a £5 charge.

What’s included in a clean?
Your cleaner will follow a general checklist. Everyone likes their house to be cleaned in their way and it is up to our customers how they would like their cleaner to clean their home.

How long should I book for?
This depends on the size of your home and how much cleaning is required. 

How do I pay?
Pay securely online by debit or credit card once the cleaning is complete. Your payment is completed by Stripe using industry leading 256-bit SSL, PCL compliant encryption.

Can I cancel?
Cancel at any point up to 24 hours before your next booking. If you cancel with less than 24 hours to go there is a £20 cancellation charge.


Our cleaners are experienced and friendly and ready to look after your home.



Our cleaners have received many 5-star reviews from their customers.


Pick a date and time and schedule a home cleaning for as early as tomorrow.


Our customer service is fast, friendly and available 7 days per week.


Pay securely online only when the cleaning is complete and you’re 100% satisfied.


For a small charge your cleaner can bring kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, window & glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, limescale cleaner, floor cleaner, cloths & sponges, rubber gloves and a duster. Cleaners cannot supply heavy equipment such as mops or vacuums.

Is my request Guaranteed?

Nothing in life Guaranteed! Although we take all paid booking serious and we do our absolute best to accommodate every paid booking, please bear in mind we deal with humans, and sometimes we get in to situation were cleaner call sick, or runs late,these situation are out of our hands, therefore, we will have to either cancel your cleaning or reschedule.  

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