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Target London Airbnb Cleaning Services 
 We will be in touch with you once you book your first cleaning to arrange key pick up/ location.
Every clean go through the following process: 
1-5 Stars hotel quality cleaner.

2-Take wide angle picture of each room before cleaning (this helps the host-you- to determine the status of the property when your guest left your place) also, this helps the host-you-to determine if any items are missing, like: picture, table lamp, TV, side table, kitchen ware, etc…  

3- The cleaner will take picture after the cleaning is done. For our reference and yours.

4- Check and report damages done by the guest.

5- Check and report anything might affect the next guest stay.

 6-We will inform you if your place in a extreme dirt so it might need deep clean. 

  And much more…. 
 7- Please note we only provide labor, therefore, our cleaners do not bring any cleaning supply, 

 however, we can help you to buy cleaning supply and product and stock it in your proerty. 
One of the most important hospitality standards is cleanliness. Although guests are usually paying less than a hotel, they don’t expect less than hotel-quality cleanliness. According to AirBnB, listings with 5-star cleanliness ratings receive 20-40% more bookings. For maximum bookings, we make sure your space is clean, comfortable and guest ready by following this cleaning checklist. 

Currently we have over 120 Active super host that trust us with their Airbnb cleaning, 

we have helped over 250 Airbnb host over the past 12 months,

we work with leading Airbnb full Management service.

all these trust us, why not try us and see your self why everyone likes us!

1. Dust furniture, lights, clean the lampshades.

2. Clear out drawers and closets, dusting/vacuuming and wiping inside drawers.

3. Clean out anything under the bed and find a new home for it. Sweep or vacuum.

4. Dust switch plates, walls, and trim; mirrors; floor registers and vent covers.

5. Sweep and wash floor or vacuum. 

6. Make the bed.
1. Empty all cabinets and vanity.  cleaninside and outside.

2. Clean the tub and drains

3. Clean toilet, inside and out.

4. Clean sink and drain.

5. Shine faucets.

6. Clean mirror and frame.

7. Dust light fixtures.

8. Dust switch plates, walls, and trim; mirrors; floor registers and vent covers.

9.  Sweep and wash floors. 

10.Lay out new towels.

11. Stock up toilet paper & any toiletries (if applicable )

12. We can also clean Mould if its required. ( extra charge )
1. Remove items from cabinets and drawers, wipe out drawer, place items back neatly

. 2. Wash and sanitize cutting boards.

3. Wash counters, backsplash, cabinet doors, and knobs.

4. Clean stove top and oven (inside clean might take longer, then will cost more, if the oven was abused!)

5. Clean and organize fridge and freezer.

6. Clean microwave, dishwasher, toaster, and kettle (and any other appliances).

7. Wash and shine sink.  Shine faucet. Clean drain.

8. dust switch plates, walls, and trim; mirrors; floor registers and vent covers.

9. Sweep and wash floor. 

10. Stock up Kitchen towels/paper & any toiletries ( if applicable )
 11. Check kitchen essentials ( if applicable )
Living Room 
1. Vacuum sofas and spot clean as needed.

2. Dust shelves, furniture and decor.

3. dust lamps and lampshades.

4. Clean TV screen, dust electronics. Organize and label electronic wires.

5. dust switch plates, walls, and trim; mirrors; floor registers and vent covers

6. Clean floors. 



1-Lock & report any personal items in a private space

2-Check for safety hazards

Please note. not every guest is like other, in a situation such as your guest trashed your place or left in an extremely dirty status, we will inform you and work together to assist if it needs a deep clean ( extra time, extra cost)

Its our intention to make sure each property is move-in ready for the next guest and we do our absolute best to do so,

in some rare situation we will be in touch with you as soon as we know your property needs extra time, extra attention ( like, Oven deep clean, Mould clean,etc..) to be cleaned,

also, we know most of our hosts are busy with their life, some even not in the country, in such situation, we do our best to contact you by all means, to advice the extra cost might incurred to get the property ready for next guest, however, if we unsuccessfully cant reach you, we will Authorize our cleaner ( after we obtain pictures)to take that extra time( extra cost) to get the property ready for the next guest, we hope and assume the host(customer) understand the situation and understand there was a extra cost associated with this.  
Please let us know if we missing anything you might need to be cleaned, as ever home is different.

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